Welcome! Creating a digital presence is something that is of value to me academically, pedagogically and personally. My hope is to create a space where my colleagues, students and friends can become more familiar with my background, scholarship, research interests, art and musings in general.

Join me! I would be most pleased if this website could foster community in the form of collaborations, discussions, discovery of common interests, or even the piquing of new curiosities. I look forward to your feedback.

As with all things, this site is a work in progress. Please check back for updates as more content, links and photos are posted.

Photos from Left to Right: Jenny teaching Oregon State University students on the Ponte Sant’Angelo bridge in Rome; Jenny in front of Sonoma State University’s Art Gallery; Jenny (second in from right) with students from Sonoma State University’s Arts FIG (Freshman Interest Group) while on a field trip to the studio of Sebastopol sculptor Patrick Amiot